Why direct-to-consumer products cannot replace orthodontists

Registered orthodontists in Singapore first qualify as general dentists and later undergo a 3-year full-time training programme (Master's degree) and take an additional qualifying examination held by the Singapore Dental Council’s Dental Specialists' Accreditation Board (DSAB).

Apps, computers and direct-to-consumer products cannot replace this vast amount of experience and wisdom.

There are many factors to be considered prior to starting orthodontic treatment, such as growth status, gum health, presence of tooth decay, available bone support of the teeth amongst many other factors. At an orthodontic clinic, all these are carefully considered through comprehensive examination and x-rays, prior to providing the best treatment options for you. Computers lack this experience and human touch and are also unable to determine if tooth movement is safe or stable.

Apps and computers are unable to check for side effects occurring with movement of your teeth. Without regular monitoring by an orthodontist, unexpected complications such as permanent and irreversible damage to your teeth, gums, and jaw bone may occur, and result in greater costs to fix these problems later.

There is no simple, one size fits all solution for orthodontic treatment. Making an informed decision about your oral health is of utmost importance. Let an orthodontic professional provide you with all available options for you at their clinic, monitor your treatment progress, and follow up with you after completion of your treatment.