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The Association of Orthodontists (Singapore) is a professional association of orthodontic practitioners committed to promoting the science and arts of orthodontics. Through continuing education and research, we encourage our members to stay abreast in order to provide excellent orthodontic care for patients. We believe in maintaining a high standard of ethical and professional conduct during our orthodontic careers and work hand-in-hand to enhance orthodontic awareness via health education programmes.

AOS membership opens a pathway to stay current with the latest happenings and newest advances in the field of orthodontics. We ensure that all our members benefit from well-organised and relevant Continuing Education courses at a discounted rate. This is a great platform to stay connected with fellow orthodontists and exchange ideas during events held throughout the year, our highlight being biennial Association of Orthodontists (Singapore) Congress (AOSC).

For further enquiries or to become a member of AOS, please email us at secretariat@aos.org.sg

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AOS is dedicated to:

  1. Promote the art and science of orthodontists as a specialty and branch of the dental sciences.
  2. Fostering and preserving the identity and the practice of orthodontists.
  3. Maintaining a consistent high standard of ethics and professional conduct within the specialty.
  4. Further education, research and practice in the field of orthodontists and related subjects.
  5. Disseminating and publicising orthodontic information in the printed and audiovisual media.
  6. Enlightening and directing public opinion on aspects of orthodontics when the occasion arises.
  7. Monitoring the orthodontic training and manpower needs in Singapore.
  8. Providing an information service in orthodontic employment.